Grievance Committee

This committee will:

  • Oversee the handling of all local grievances.
  • Receive copies of all grievances.
  • Prepare a report on the status of all grievances to be submitted to the Executive Board, the National Representative, and to the membership meeting.
  • When a grievance is not settled in the initial steps provided for in the collective agreement, this committee will decide whether or not the grievance should proceed to arbitration.
  • If the decision is to not proceed, the grievor(s) may appeal the decision to
    the Executive Board.

The committee members will be the elected chairperson and Local 233 stewards. The committee shall appoint its secretary from among its members. The National Representative assigned to the Local Union shall be a non-voting member of the committee and shall be consulted at all stages [bylaws – section 16, page 19].

Chairperson: Guillermo (Willy) Torres

Members: Alin Losonti              ( Day Shift Steward)

    TBA                               ( Afternoon Shift Steward)

    Andrew Sousa           ( Night Shift Steward)